A man who could turn into a bear. He was a skin-changer who had the ability to change into a large black bear. In his original form as a Man, Beorn was large with strong arms and legs and he had black hair, and a long beard. He was tough and quick to anger but he was nice and was considered a great man by Gandalf the wizard. He loves a good story and enjoyed to hear the adventure that the group had with goblins and wolves. There's nothing in the book that says where he was from but Gandalf thinks he may have lived in the Misty Mountains. Beorn had a hatred towards the orcs and promised one day that he would kill them. He also didn't like dwarves till he got to know the 13 and later became friends. Beorn lived with a lot of animals but never ate them. He mostly ate honey(this makes sense because he was half bear) and other fruits.

external image beorn.jpgHis character reminds me of two people in the bible: John the Baptist because he lives in the forest and eats honey. Noah because when the dwarves came in to see him they came in two by two. Beorn also reminds me of Paul Bunyan because for his size. Beorn ends up killing Bolg, the general of the orcs during the battle of five armies when he was in bear form.