There is not much informtion that can be posted for the trolls in this book there really mentioned once with information on there race but here are a few things.

These three trolls that lived together were probally forest trolls they are also the smartest of the trolls because they are capable of speech. They shared a cave for when the sun came up they either turn to dust or to stone. these three that lived together lived in a cave and attacked passerbys and steal their money, possesions or even kill them. Bilbo and his group encountred them when they were begining their journey they were caught and the dwarve's were going to be roasted and then eaten later. The trolls had many valubale possesions in their cave which Bilbo anbd the others come across after they had been saved by Gandalf they took the Trolls food and weapons which later they found out were feared very much by the goblins.