Bilbo Baggins

Bilbo's Character- In the beginning of this book Bilbo was a quiet hobbit who did not like adventure. Bilbo was the type of person who never wanted to leave his comfort zone. As the book went on, Bilbo became more bold and fearless. He did things he never imagined he would get the chance to do. His bravery and courage were tested and he became more outgoing and adventurous. He slowly but surely became more comfortable. Bilbo demonstrated that even the most unlikely people can become heroes. Bilbo.jpegbilbo_2.jpeg

Bilbo Fun Facts-

1) He loves elves 2) loves reading maps 3)loves peace and quiet

4) enjoys eating 5)has hair on his feet 6) loves smoking his pipe 7) has a cool hobbit house 8) 50 years old

Chapters 1-3
Bilbo is the son of a Belladonna Took. Took 's father is the head of the hobbits who lived across the water. Mr Baggins, Bilbo's father, was a well to do person. He also built Bilbo's hobbit hole for him. Bilbo doesn't like to do spontaneous things. When the 13 dwarves arrive at his house, he worries that he will have many things to do for them and he won't have enough food. Bilbo is told that he is a natural burglar. He is to go with the dwarves on a great adventure. Being the kind of hobbit that he is, he doesn't like the idea of leaving so soon. When on his adventure he almost gets killed by trolls. Luckily, Gandalf helps him escape. Now after this troll incident the dwarves, Gandalf, and Bilbo set out for Elrond's house (Elrond is an elf).

Chapters 4-6
Let's start with saying that the goblins and the dwarves (along with Bilbo) get into a fight. Bilbo was forced to leave his horse behind . He also saw the Great Goblin get stabbed. When the goblins came to attack the dwarves, Dori picked up Bilbo and tried to carry him on his back. Unfortunatly, Dori was grabbed from behind. This causes Bilbo to fall off, hit his head, and and become unconscious while his friends leave him behind. When Bilbo woke up and discovered that he was all alone, he was very scared. When searching for his friends he stumbles upon a ring. He glanced back and found a tunnel. He decided to look for his friends inside. He then fell in a puddle, which was created by a huge lake, in which Gollum remained for most of his life. Gollum and Bilbo tested each other's wits with riddles. Bilbo was hoping to distract Gollum and get away, so he agreed to play. The game was ended when Gollum was about to attack Bilbo and Bilbo shouted out "Time! Time!" Time was the answer to the riddle and Gollum was very upset. Gollum said he would show Bilbo the way once he went back to get something. That something was the ring that Bilbo had recently picked up. Bilbo had decided not to tell anyone about the ring. Gollum discovered it was gone and went to find Bilbo--who was encouraging himself that Gollum would keep his promise-- who was anxiously awaiting Gollum's return. Gollum tried to find Bilbo, but Bilbo had slipped the ring on and unconsciously became invisible. Bilbo escaped from Gollum and went to find his friends. While searching he heard a voice. It was Balin! He had found his friends. Gandalf was extremely happy to see him. But wasting no time, they were off on their adventure once again. When coming to a rest, they were forced up into a tree by wolves. Gandalf threw a fire pine cone at them to distract them and get them away. The wolves were afraid of the fire but the goblins came and were not afraid. They surrounded the tree with fire. A flock of heroic eagles came and saved them. All was well for Bilbo.

Chapters 7-9
Bilbo, Gandalf, and the dwarves head off to Beorn's ( a skin changer's) house. While staying there, he ate a well deserved meal. Bilbo thought the food was very enjoyable. While sleeping, he heard an awful noise that sounded like a bear. He was frightened. When starting back on the trip Beorn gave each of the dwarves a pony ride, and gave Gandalf a horse. Beourn followed them to make sure they kept their end of the bargain. After riding on these animals a long distance, they were told to send them back. They did so and Gandalf said he was going to have to leave them. He left them and told Bilbo to take care. Bilbo was being extremely useful. He climbed a tree to see when the forest ended. Unfortunately, it didn't end. In addition he saves his friends from a big nest of giant spiders with a dagger --Sting. This boosted his confidence and he learned that he can rely on himself. He gained courage and bravery. He evovled a plan to save his companions. Bilbo takes the drunk guard's keys and unlocks the dwarves cells, leading them to where the empty barrels are stored. He slipped each dwarf into a barrel and sent them down the river. After this, Bilbo was greatly apperciated.

Chapters 10-11
The barrels, with thirteen dwarves inside, went down the river and out of the forest. The Lonely Mountain soon came into view. They headed into Lake Town. This city was built on Long Lake. When they arrived there, their barrels were brought to shore. Bilbo freed his friends from them and everyone had survived. Thorin, a descendant of the King Under the Mountain, had just arrived to the town to regain his inheritance. The people of the town were overjoyed at his coming. Thorin treated Bilbo and the dwarves to a great meal. They start heading out for the Lonely Mountian. As they approach the mountain, Bilbo and three dwarves are sent to check to see if the entrance on the south side is safe. When they see that it clearly isn't, they all head over to the west entrance. The door to it is extremely hard to open. They become very discouraged when their methods don't work. Bilbo finally realizes what the map said to do. They noticed a keyhole. Thorin quickly took the key that had come with the map and unlocked the door. They had finally entered the mountain.

Chapters 12-15
During these chapters, Bilbo will show his worth to the dwarves. Not only does Bilbo displace these characteristics, but he also shows his intellect. Bilbo goes into Smaug's cave to prove to the dwarves that treasure still remains within Smaug's lair. When Smaug wakes up from his sleep, he questions Bilbo on why he trespassed into his lair. Bilbo answers in riddles to trick Smaug into showing his whole body. While Smaug is showing off his armoured body, Bilbo finds a place where Smaug's scale is missing. Smaug tries to minipulate Bilbo's mind to turn on the dwarves beacuse he isn't getting enough of the treasure. Bilbo barley escaped with his life. Bilbo got the Arkenstone when he returned to Smaug's lair the second time. Smaug ended up going to the Lake-Town where he is searching for Bilbo and the dwarves. When he is in Lake-Town, he ininerates the town up into flames and Bard draws out his black arrow, shoots it, and plunges into the place where Smaug is missing a scale. The Thrush gave Bard the information about the scale because the Thrush followed Bilbo into his lair. The thrush bird and raven told Thorin and the gang what happened. Bard wants 1/14 of the prophet but Thorin didn't want to give it to them. Bilbo disagrees with the whole turn of affairs.

Chapter 16-19
Bilbo tried to settle the arguement with a more peaceful solution. He snuck out of the dwarves camp and went to give Bard the Arkenstone, thinking that Bard would take it and trade it for a fourteenth of the treasure. In doing this, he had to have stealth and precision to deliver it to Bard. After conversing with Bard, Gandalf appeared to Bilbo, approving that he did a job well done. Unfortunately, Bilbo's plan didn't work out how he thought it would. Instead, the armies would engage in a battle of five armies. The origanal armies were the men and elves vs. golbins and dwarves. The men, elves, and dwarves decided to link together and battle against the golbins. The Eagles joined the four linked armies and helped defeat the goblins. More than half of the dwarves died during the amry, but they prevailed. During the war, Bilbo hid with his ring and avoided the whole massacre. It is time for Bilbo to leave his great adventure and head home. He tells the others that he would love to see them again and that they can stop by whenever they want too. He returns home with his portion of gold, only to find his belongings being auctioned off. He stops the auction right in time and lives the rest of his days in his hobbit hill.

Wrapping it all up- Bilbo has shone many characteristics through this book. He has been a hero, a leader, and a friend. Bilbo faced the dragon to get the treasure. He fought the spiders to save the dwavres. He out- smarted Gollum. He got his friends out of their imprisonment by sendind them down the river. Bilbo is a great hobbit who overcame his fear.

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