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Chapter 1

An Unexpected Party

There are probably two types of hobbits: the kind that are respectable, and the others. To become a respectable hobbit, you need only a few things:
1.) Good parties, and 2.) what I call "Predictability."
So, of course, it was obvious that Bilbo Baggins was one of the most respectable of the hobbits in the hill--which is, obviously, referred to as "The Hill" (which is where the hobbits live). He was an extraordinary host, and his hole contained many, many pantries, which were kept full of all types of food, particularily tea. Hobbits did enjoy tea. In fact, most of the hobbits liked food in general. (They did have two breakfasts, after all.) And, Bilbo Baggins never did anything out of the ordinary. He never left The Hill, and never went on adventures, which is quite usual for the hobbits. Despite his non-adventerous life, Bilbo was a descendant from the Old Took, who went on many adventures, and always did the unexpected. But the Took had had lots and lots of gold from all sorts of adventures--and he shared, so that didn't make him too bad.
One day, Bilbo was sitting on his front porch, enjoying a bit of pipe weed, when someone comes by--someone, I daresay, that was out of the ordinary. He was a tall and aged man, and quite literally dwarfed Bilbo--the poor hobbit was only half of the old man's size, and had to look upward to see him. So, Bilbo greets the man, who seems to want to have a visit or something. Mr. Baggins soon learns that the old man is no other than Gandalf the wizard, whose name was famous throughout the land. He invites Gandalf after learning his name--Gandalf did have spectacular fireworks, after all--but instead, tea is scheduled for the following day.
When the tea is boiling in the fireplace the next day, Bilbo hears the expected knock at his green front door. He opens it, expecting Gandalf the wizard. Only to find a dwarf standing there. The dwarf says, "Dwalin at your service" and invites himself inside, leaving Bilbo shocked. Bilbo was even more shocked when another dwarf showed up--and another, and another! They all did the same: they invited themselves inside, said, "__ at your service," and hung up their hoods on the hobbit's coatracks. Soon, there were about ten dwarves in poor Bilbo's house! He busied himself with serving his unexpected guests, who each seemed to ask for something different. But, it isn't nearly busy until Gandalf arrives--with even more dwarves! The poor little hobbit swiftly found him busy with serving thirteen dwarves: Dwalin, Balin, Kili and Fili, Dori, Nori, Ori, Olin, and Gloin, and finally, Bifur, Bofur, Bombur, and Thorin Oakenshield--not to mention Gandalf as well.
After Dinner, which lasted late into the night, the dwarves and Gandalf explain to Bilbo why they are here.
A very long time ago, Thorin Oakenshield's ancestor, Thror, lived in a very wealthy dwarf city, called Dale, which had been built underneath the Mountain. Inside the Mountain was a storehouse-full of gold and riches, which the dwarves mined from. The dwarves of Dale were able to create all sorts of things with all of the things they mined from the Mountain, and the Men of the South would pay very much for the items. But then...the dragon came! Now, you must know that dragons are creatures that are very greedy, and this particular one, Smaug was its name, was one of the most greedy of them all. Smaug terrorized Dale, and ate all of the men that lived inside of it--the maidens as well. To this
The Dragon Smaug captures the city Dale.
day, Smaug lives in Dale, underneath the Mountain, where he guards the treasure of the world from all others.

And so, that was how the dragon Smaug took over Dale.
Not only that, but the dwarves as well as Gandalf, are going on a very important mission to recapture Dale and all of its treasures from the dreaded dragon Smaug. And Bilbo was to be the Burglar! Poor Bilbo was not even sure about what a Burglar was supposed to do, but feeling quite excited, stressed, and unusually Took-ish and adventerous, he agrees to go.

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Chapter 2

Roast Mutton

The next day, Bilbo sets out with Dwalin, Balin, Kili, Fili, Dori, Nori, Ori, Olin, Gloin, Bifur, Bofur, Bombur, Thorin, and Gandalf. A few days into their journey, they encounted three trolls named William, Tom, Bert. While Bilbo is trying to capture William's man purse--he was "the Burglar," after all--the purse squeaked and gave the hobbit away! The trolls were not sure what kind of creature Bilbo was. (Who would expect a hobbit to be out in these
The trolls argue over how to eat the dwarves.
Meanwhile, the dwarves noticed that Gandalf had disappeared. After a long time without any sign of Bilbo, they decided to sneak behind the fire one by one. Unfortunately, their plan failed to work, for in only a matter of time the thirteen of the dwarves were piled uncomfortably by the fire, and tied up with sacks over their heads, and the trolls were arguing over how to eat them: roasted, boiled, or squashed pudding.
When all hope was lost--Bilbo was deathly afraid of the trolls, and was frozen with fright--Gandalf appeared to save the day! (But they didn't know it was him at the time.) Gandalf used his wizardry to confuse the trolls. Dawn reached swiftly, and turned the trolls into stone. Gandalf showed himself after freeing the dwarves. He told them about his check of their road ahead, and talked of the difficulties the would soon face. Using a key that Bilbo had found, they were able to retrieve treasures from the trolls' lair. To prevent from their new found treasures being stolen, they buried the gold and marked it, in case if they should return, and finally hurried along to continue their quest.

Chapter 3

A Short Rest

It was not long until the company reached Rivendell, a city of the elves. There, they stayed at a delightful house, called the Last Homely House, for
Elrond advises the company.
several weeks straight. Bilbo enjoyed his stay at Rivendell very much, and he decided that it was one of his most favorite places, aside from his home in The Hill. The elves were very interesting people, and were wise and sand many delightful songs. There, Elrond gave them advice as to their journey. They discussed the map, and Durin's Day, an important day for the dwarven people. The company leaves Rivendell well rested and content, their spirits light once more.

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Chapter 4

Over Hill and Under Hill

Goblins capture the dwarves.
Goblins capture the dwarves.
After they left Elrond's house, they continued their journey into the Misty Mountains. They encountered a thunderstorm, and they had to think fast, so they hid in a cave, which gave them shelter from the storm. Once they were in the cave, unexpected visitors arrived. The creatures had flat feet, which made them fast, their sense of smell was extraordinary; they eat horses and ponies and donkeys; they are very untidy; and they are excellent at cave-digging. These creatures are big, ugly goblins. Their voices are rough and a horrible pitch, especially when they sang. The goblins have a grudge against Thorin's people (the dwarves) because of a great war between dwarves and goblins. Because of this great grudge, the goblins tried to kill the dwarves. The goblins chased them through their winding tunnels. Since Gandalf was there, it gave the goblins the excitement of killing a wizard. This only made them run faster. The dwarves were cornered, so they decided to run along the tunnels as fast as they could. At this point, Dori was carrying Bilbo on his shoulders. Suddenly Bilbo had rolled off and hit his head when a goblin suddenly attacked! While Bilbo was out cold, the dwarves had escaped with Gandalf.

Chapter 5

Riddles in the Dark

When Bilbo regains consciousness, he is all alone. The dwarves and Gandalf are gone, and Bilbo does not know if they have been captured or if they have
Bilbo finds the One Ring.
managed to escape the caves. But there are more problems for Bilbo Baggins than worrying about his enemies--if he does not get out of the caves now, he might be stuck in them forever. His luck manages to change when he meets Gollum, who was named after the horrible noise he made ("Gollum, gollum!"). Gollum offers Bilbo a fifty-fifty chance of getting out of the caves--or being eaten. The contest comes in the form of riddles, and Bilbo thinks hard, trying to come up with a riddle to stump Gollum. Finally, he says, "What do I have in my pocket?" Gollum guessed three--four, actually (he cheated)--but did not guess the right answer--the golden ring that Bilbo had found several hours before he met Gollum. What Bilbo didn't know, was that Gollum tried to trick him with the ring. He wanted to turn himself invisible so he wouldn't have to lead Bilbo out, but eat him instead. That was why Gollum wanted the ring so bad, he didn't want to loose his dinner. Unfortunately, that didn't work out as planned. As Gollum searched for his ring, Bilbo put it on and ran away. He eventually made it out, and started to search for his companions.

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Chapter 6

Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire

The Lord of the Eagles saves the dwarves.
Bilbo soon found the dwarves and Gandalf. He did not mention about the Ring, he wasn't quite sure about the power it possessed, and he wanted to find out for himself. But even though he kept the Ring a secret from the dwarves, Gandalf seemed to know about it, though he did not let on any of his knowledge. Though they were safe from the caves, it does not mean that they are safe from the goblins. In fact, Gandalf pushes the company on at a quick pace (and without dinner!) to avoid the goblins. They would be outnumbered by the goblins if the goblins should catch them. But then, once night settles, the dwarves, Gandalf, and poor Bilbo were attacked by wolves! And not just any normal pack of wolves--these were fiercer than any other kind--Wargs. Soon, all of the dwarves (plus Gandalf and a shivering Mr Baggins) are in the branches in tall trees, for Wargs can not climb trees. But there is one thing that you must know about Wargs--they are allies with the goblins! And it was not long until fires from the goblins were seen. (You should also know that goblins can climb trees.) Everyone was terrified! How would they survive now? Gandalf could hear the Wargs underneath, conversing in their horrible language. But, when all hope is (almost) gone, Gandalf uses his magic to send fire into the Wargs' midst, burning their leader's nose. And, just as the goblins were about to fry the company, the Lord of the Eagles comes and saves the day.

Chapter 7

Queer Lodgings

The next day, the company leaves the eagles and continues on their journey. Gandalf takes them to Beorn's house, who is a skin changer--having the
Beorn's home
Beorn's home
ability to shape-shift from a man and into a bear. He also told them that they must be very polite and Gandalf will introduce them two by two (with Bombur, the fattest going alone last) because Beorn has a low tollerance level for visitors--especially strangers. Beorn's wood house is in the middle of the forest, he has many horses and ponies, and his diet is based on honey. He is an adventurer, gone on many long, tiresome journies. As Gandalf explains to Beorn why he, Mr Baggins, and the dwarves are presently there, he introduces the dwarves, a few at a time. After all of the dwarves came in, Beorn heartily invites them in, for he has heard few good tales, and the tale of the dwarves' quest interested him. He provided them with many supplies, including, one horse, fourteen ponies, food, and advice to drink out of one steam in Mirkwood that is black. Then, they set off into the forest. Gandalf said that he had a wizard council to attend to, so he left his troop, leaving the dwarves and Bilbo to face Mirkwood by themselves.

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Chapter 8

Flies and Spiders

The Dwarves are captured by Spiders.
The Dwarves are captured by Spiders.
The forest of Mirkwood is a very bleak place. At night it is so comepletely dark that you can't even see your own hand waving in front of your face. Once they reached the stream previously mentioned, Bilbo spotted a boat across the river. They threw a rope to the boat to retrieve it. Bombur fell in the river and he dreadfully drowsy and fell asleep. They eventually got across the river, carrying Bombur. As they were growing weary, the got lost in the forest. They wanted to see how much further the forest was, so Bilbo climbed up a tree . He couldn't see an end to it, though. Then they became extremely hungry. With a scratch of his head, Bombur awakes. Soon after, they see torches and they hurry to see what is going on. When they got there, the torches went out. this happened a few more times. The last time the lights went out, Bilbo hid, and as a result, he got left behind. The next morning, Bilbo found that a giant spider had tied him up. In a fast action, he wipped out a knife, and he killed the great spider. He names the knife Sting. He then explored the forest, looking for his companions. He heard the dwarves, so he slipped on his ring, and saw that they were also captured by spiders. As an act to save his friends, Bilbo distracted to spiders and cut the dwarves out of their spider bound webs and escaped. Then they realized that Thorin wasn't with them. It turns out that Thorin was taken be the elves and held as prisoner.

Chapter 9

Barrels out of Bond

The elves of Mirkwood are angry with the dwarves, for the dwarves have "invaded" the Mirkwood forest without "getting permission." Luckily for the dwarves, the elves are much more civil when it comes to keeping prisoners than the spiders. Each of the dwarves get their own cell (so that they have no
The dwarves stow away inside barrels.
The dwarves stow away inside barrels.
chance to plot an escape) and get food that is necessary to survive--after all, what is the point of keeping prisoners if you're just going to let them starve to death? But, fortunately for Mr Baggins, he managed to slip on his magic ring before the elves could spot him. He cautiously snuck behind the elves, and soon learned the locations of all of the dwarves. All he has to do is find a good chance to get them all out of the cells and safe away from the Mirkwood Forest.
As you may have guessed, Bilbo did get his chance. As he was sneaking around the cave of the Elven King, he manages to find the guard speaking to another elf about the wine that was to be served in the feast that was to be held that night. They drink too much and get drunk. Then Bilbo sneakily, steals the keys from the elf's pocket. He goes to the dwarves and unlocks their doors, quietly explaining his plan to them. Then they escape to empty wine barrels that were being taken down the river and to a city of Men. Bilbo just realized after the dwarves left that he was still in the elves castle. He quickly grabbed onto a barrel already in the river and went down it, catching up with his companions. Then they were sailing toward to lake.

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Chapter 10

A Warm Welcome

The dwarves are welcomed.
The dwarves are welcomed.
Even though the dwarves and Bilbo made it out the Mirkwood Forest, they made it with multiple cramps and a lot of stiffness. Many of the dwarves complained, and could barely stand, so Thorin, Bilbo, and a few others went into the city to explore and find out where they are. The humans living in that town knew of Thorin's family, and--even though they hadn't been expecting Thorin to look so bumped around--they were quick to welcome the dwarves into their city, giving them food, drink, and bed. The dwarves had a splendid time at their stay in the humans' city, but they had a quest to attend to. The dragon Smaug must be faced, and they are close to acheiving their goal of obtaining the treasure that is rightfully theirs.

Chapter 11 external image key_to_health_nvbq.jpg

On the Doorstep

When they make it to the mountain, Bombur and Bofur guarded the ponies whilt the rest of them went up to the mountain. As they were walking around, they felt like something was suppose to happen. When Bilbo was sitting on the doorstep, he realized what they were waiting for. It was the last day in Autumn and they were on the mountain. Then the door opens, and Bilbo cries out for the key. They retrieved the key and opened the door.
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Chapter 12

Inside Informationexternal image SmaugHall.jpg

Bilbo is nominated to go into the deep tunnels of the cave--he is the "burglar" after all--and he sees Smaug sleeping inside! The dragon does not notice Bilbo, for he is fast asleep and Bilbo took great care to keep himself invisible and was as quiet as he could be. Bilbo is immediately drawn toward the treasure--how great it was! There were many riches that Bilbo has never seen before. He looks and notices that there is a bare spot on Smaug's belly. He stealthily picks up something that catches his eye--a beautiful cup. Bilbo brings it to the dwarves, who are absolutely delighted to see it, and their spirits toward the task is rekindled greatly, and they are determined to retreive the rest of the treasure from Smaug. Thorin was talking about a great and powerful stone called the Arkenstone after they found a good place to camp for the night.

Chapter 13

Not at Homeexternal image 250px-Donato_Giancola_-_The_Arkenstone.jpg

As the dwarves went south of the mountain, Bilbo happen to fall upon the Arkenstone. He was immediately emchanted by its power, and he didn't tell the dwarves about it at all. As they were planning to attack Smaug, they realized that he wasn't anywhere to be found.
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Chapter 14

Fire and Water

external image smaug.jpg

If you are wondering where Smaug went, I am about to tell you. As Bilbo and the dwarves looked for him and searched the mountain, Smaug went to lake-town. The dwarves and Bilbo recently visited these people. Smaug destroyed the city and killed some people. Then, a greatly skilled archer, named Bard, came to the rescue. He was informed by a thrush about Smaug's weak spot: the hollow part of his left breast. Smaug was killed! But what I didn't tell you was that the master of the town abandoned them. His people were very mad at him because he left them at a great need. The Lake-town people decided to leave to get the treasure because no one is occupying it anymore.

Chapter 15

The Gathering of the Cloudsexternal image raven-info0.gif

When a raven comes to the dwarves and Bilbo, it tells them that Smaug is dead and the Lake-town people are coming up the mountain. He also says that he is Carc's son who used to be really close to the dwarves. As Bard and the people come, they ask for a share of the treasure. However, Thorin doesn't want to give it up. Bard said that he will give Thorin some time to think about it. Later, a messenger came and said that "You cannot depart from the mountain unless you can repay the elves and Lake-people," for the Lake-people helped the dwarves on their way to the Mountain in which the treasure had been found.
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Chapter 16

A Thief in the Nightexternal image gandalf_paul_08.jpg

Bilbo wakes up during Bombur's sleeping shift and offers to take over his night watch. Bilbo also says that he will go get Bombur so that it will look like he had been guarding that night. Bilbo then makes his way to the elven king and Bard. When he finds them, he gives them the Arkenstone so that they'd have an advantage to bargain with Thorin. As Bilbo was one his way back, Gandalf shows up, saying that he did a good job. To fulfill his promise, Bilbo then woke up Bombur.

Chapter 17

The Cloud Burstexternal image h-2-3552-goblin-army.jpg

The next day, Bard came to the dwarves and Bilbo and requested to trade the Arkenstone for a fair share of the treasure. Thorin refused because he thought the Arkenstone was rightfully his. Bard decided to hold the stone captive until Thorin gave him his rightful share. The men and elves intended on having the trade of the Arkenstone take place the next day. The day the trade was taking place, goblins showed up seeking revenge on the dwarves for killing their leader. They brought with them wargs and wolves, who help attack the Lake-men and the elves. During the battle the eagles came in support the dwarves.
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Chapter 18external image the-hobbit.jpg

The Return Journey

It was a terrible battle, in which many people died, including Thorin, Fili and Kili. The goblins retreated back home. At Thorin's funeral, the Arkenstone was buried with him. It was agreed that Bard should have his share of money. Then Bilbo left for his home back under the Hill, since his Baggins side began getting stronger once more.

Chapter 19

The Last Stage

They left and Bilbo made it safely home. The dwarves and Gandalf still visit him. Bilbo is working on memoris of the trip. It is called There and Back Again.
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