List of the Dwarves

Dori )(thehobbit.jpg
)( Bifur
Bofur )(
)( __Balin__
Dwalin )(
)( Bombur
Thorin Oakenshield )(
[ [ Fili ] ]
[ [ Ori ] ]
[ [ Kili ] ]
[ [ Oin ] ]
[ [ Dain ] ]
[ [ Gloin ] ] <---- u don't put periods at the end(sorry. i was checking them off so i wouldn't use them twice)

Dwarf Characterists:
*Short(but not as short as hobbits)
*Hard working
*Once their mind is set to do something it can't be changed
*Would never abandon a fellow traveler -- expect when Biblo fell off
*Would fight for what they think is theirs
*Don't play around; all business
*Suspicious until they get to know you
*Have a good idea of value and money
*Some are tricky and treacherous, but some are good folk(like Thorin an Company)
*Gold and Jewels often possesses their minds easily

By: SKllufly

Fili Kili,
Oin and Ori,
Dain Gloin,
Balin and Dori.
Dwalin Bofur,
Bifur and Bombur,
and most of all Thorin,
set out on an adventure,
sure not to be borin',
Bilbo the hobbit,
tags along,
and before they know it,
the dragon's dead and gone -not done ^^

By: ndDucati848

For revenge, so they sought,with great courage they have fought,
the blistering winds and horrible tales,
powerful currents plus great gales.
For they had a company of thirteen,
a bugler they found that was keen.
Then their journey had taken place,
with great pride they made haste.
Traveling along a dreary, old road,
they found not courage, pride, or bold.
Alas only giants lay,
waiting for travelers to come and play.
For when they have grabbed their necks,
the only fate the travelers have left is to meet, others in a giant's chest.
Hungry and fatigued the Company sat,
only to convince the Burglar to go back.
The first of tests came at him hard,
for what he sought was meat and lard.
Without luck he was caught,
For no gold or diamonds could he be bought.
The dwarves charged in, but without a fight,
there they lay in sacks for the night.
Gandalf came to save the the dwarves from being chopped into bits,
for it was wits against wits.
The sun rose up the trolls turned to stone,
For the sun had everyone's bone.

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