Map and Locations

The Shire- Hobbits lived in holes with tunnels that go on and on. Bilbo lived in a hole with many doors and rooms for all the company that came over. His family lived in a neighborhood of The Hill, which is part of the Shire. Throughout the story, when things start to get rough, Bilbo constantly wishes that he were back in the comfort of his hobbit h
ole. The Shire is a great place to relax and reflects much of the hobbit's nature (they like to be kinda lazy). It has a homely kind of feel and everything is peaceful and green. Nothing really exciting happens in the Shire as the people there like to relax and enjoy the day.
The green door with a gold doorknob places squarely in the middle, marks the home of our story's main character, Mr. Bilbo Baggins. Although the house in the hill was not built by Bilbo, but by his father for his mother, he still has the pleasure of living in the most luxurious hobbit hole for miles around. As you pass through the door you find yourself staring down a long comfortable hallway, furnished and designed with paneled walls and finished floors. On your side you would realize a great many coat and hat hooks, for lots of guests, as Bilbo did enjoy having parties and feasts.

Alternating from wall to wall are little round doors that hide the rooms behind them. The rooms to the left are the more important and well decorated rooms as they are the only rooms in the hobbit's house containing windows. Deep set in the walls, the round windows overlook the valley, of which the hill is apart of, Mr. Baggins garden and the water that winds swiftly through the banks of the river below. external image bagend.jpg
The hobbit hole contains an assortment of rooms including numerous bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, cabinets, dinning rooms and closets. Bilbo loves his little hobbit hole and after he decides to leave, he often finds himself regretting leaving the safety of the cozy walls that surround him at his home.

external image bag-end-bilbos-front-hall.jpg

Rivendell- Rivendell is located in a small secret calley. The valley is full of magnificent plants and there are lots of bridges. Elves live here and are always singing from the trees. Elrond's house is very welcoming. Peaceful rivers flow through the valley. There are lots of bridges and other structures.

Gollum's home- Located deep in the goblin's hidden realm, Gollum lives in a dark and secretive place. It is easy to get lost under the ground and there are many confusing tunnels. Gollum lives on a secluded island in the middle of an underground pool where he hides the ring. To get on his island he paddles about in his little boat using his feet.

Gullom and "his precious"

Misty Mountains- This is where the Gollum and the goblins live. The Company has to go past the mountains in order to get to the Lonely Mountain, which is their destination. The Misty Mountains is untamed and rough and there are many evil creatures that reside there, including goblins, Wargs, and unfriendly trolls.

Beorn's House- Many animals live here alongside their master, Beorn. It is much like a log cabin and has a nice dining hall and lots of rooms. It is a nice place to escape the evil creatures outside of the house. The house is just outside the Misty Mountains.

Mirkwood- Mirkwood is a dangerous place to be. There are many dangers here, and you can easily get lost. The trees are very thick here and there is almost no light. Monsterous spiders lurk in the shadows of the forest and create massive webs to hold their prisoners. Other creatures such as the black squirrels live here and there is almost no food. The Good People live in the forest.


The Good People's Home- Is located in Mirkwood. The Elves know their way around the forest fairly well and often hold feasts out in the forest. Their home is protected by magic.

Land Beyond- The Land Beyond is basically the land beyond the Misty Mountains.

Lonely Mountains- Smaug lives in the Lonely Mountains. The dwarves used to live underground here, and there are a lot of complicated tunnels. Smaug now resides here in a big roon filled with unbelievable amounts of treasure.

Mirkwood--at a distance

Lake Town- Lake Town is just outside the Elvenking's palace. The Elves drop barrels into a river and they are picked up here. Humans live here and get along with the Good People. The town is also close to Long Lake. There are occasional earthquakes, which are said to be created by the great dragon Smaug.

Dale- A town that was burnt and destroyed by the legendary Smaug. It is only remains of a once great city. However, the people decided to rebuild the town and make it to what it once was.